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Residential Services

Keep in touch

With CRSTTA’s leading-edge network, the decision is yours. Choose from Broadband, Telephone, and TV services to customize your connection, or bundle services to save money and hassle. If affordability is a concern, you may be eligible for Lifeline, LinkUp and Affordable Connectivity programs to help lower the cost.

Service Packages

Combine telephone and broadband services to stay connected and keep costs down.

Combine telephone and broadband services to save cost and keep you connected. All bundles include unlimited local services. Choose the right combination for your needs by choosing one Broadband speed tier and one Telephone service level:

Broadband Speed

Telephone Service Levels

50/25 Mbps

100/50 Mbps

150/50 Mbps

250/100 Mbps

No long distance

200 Minutes long distance

Unlimited long distance

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