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Mona Thompson

Mona L. Thompson,
General Manager

Anita Anderson

Anita Anderson,

Bill Jandreau

Bill Jandreau,
Plant Manager

Our Staff

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Back Row:  L-R  Terrance Veo, Ronald Lee, Calvin Traversie
Front Row: L-R Delores Curley, Mary Little Sky, Ardis Warcloud

Office Staff

Office Staff

Back Row:  L-R Amy Lee, Kim O'Connell, JoBeth Dupris, Bobbie Traversie, Judy Farlee Assistant Controller
Front Row:  L-R Charles Ann Pearman, Justine High Elk

Central Office Staff

Centeral Office Staff

Back Row: L-R Mike Ganje, J Shepherd, Darren Flansburg
Front Row: L-R Ken White Eyes, Supervisor, Cyle Chasing Hawk

Outside Plant Staff

Outside Plant Staff

Back Row:  L-R  Jared Anderson, Dan Dupree, Gary Mound Supervisor, Terry O'Neal, Wally Knight, Lance White Eyes, Bucky Chasing Hawk
Front Center: Sharon Lee

Sales & Service

Bernard Collins and Alysha O'Connell

L-R Robert Rackard and Justina White Eyes